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August 9, 2017

N9614’s owner captures the cruising life on film

The spirit of an adventurer: Bob Giles, owner of Nordhavn 9614 embodies it like no other. During his boat’s two-year build process, Giles envisioned going to exotic places, doing extreme activities and enjoying ports of call by really getting to know the land, the people, and the culture of the places he’d visit.

It was something he was able to touch upon while cruising on his previous boat, Nordhavn 8601, up and down the East Coast of the U.S., and throughout the Caribbean and the Bahamas. But he had visions of grandeur with his Nordhavn 96 VivieRae, and vowed to fulfill his dreams of exploring the other side of the world.

It started with taking delivery of his boat straight from the South Coast factory in Xiamen, China. VivieRae is one of a half-dozen boats to be commissioned at the factory and leave on its own bottom. After two extensive ABS Certification compliancy seatrials, the keys were given to Giles and the boat was brought to Hong Kong where she was provisioned in advance of her maiden voyage: a 2,800-nm non-stop passage to Bali.

Giles had big plans for VivieRae in Indonesia and they started the moment he and his family touched down at Ngurah Rai International Airport and made the short trip to meet the boat at a nearby marina. Three weeks were spent swimming, diving, fishing, hiking, biking through towns, seeing sites, meeting people, and enjoying life aboard his fabulous new yacht. These are the types of things one dreams of. You read about the stories, picture them in your head and think about how life affirming and utopianesque it all sounds. But it doesn’t come close to the actual experience itself.

Giles set out to come as close as possible to capturing on film the life he has enjoyed aboard VivieRae during his short tenure as owner. And he does a pretty good job of it. Watch it and you’ll find yourself longing to discover the possibilities that exist when you travel the world in a Nordhavn.

VivieRae has a major itinerary mapped out. She’s currently on the move via a 1,700-nm leg from Maumere, Indonesia to Cairns, Australia, where the Great Barrier Reef, and more experiences to feed that adventuresome spirit, await.


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