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New N9614 "VivieRae" prepares for non-stop
passage from Hong Kong to Bali

OK, I will say it.. OMG! I am so envious right now! Nordhavn 96 #14, VIVIERAE, is simultaneously going thru the final stages of commissioning while also provisioning for a 2,800 mile non-stop passage to Bali Indonesia… and I am not going… Dang!! The boat is teaming with happy chaos as countless boxes of “stuff” come aboard including food, fishing gear, spare parts, bedding, furniture, SCUBA equipment and more and more.  I have written several times before thatthere are few things in this modern world that are more exciting than a boat being made ready for sea.  And in this case that excitement is combined with the incredible pleasure of putting the finishing touches on a sparkling brand new Nordhavn 96.
“Proper” high res photos of a staged boat made tidy for a photo shoot will come later. What you are seeing attached are iPhone photos of a “real” boat getting ready for sea.  Looks impossible? Don’t worry… The crew of 5 along with project manager Trever Smith and the owner Bob Giles (and me.. I lifted a box), will probably have it all wrapped up by the time that you read this. 7,000 gallons of fuel will be loaded on Tuesday and sometime on Wednesday, VIVERAE will depart Hong Kong and enjoy a wonderful sleigh ride down the South China Sea.
Oh… and one more thing. You can see a photo of Bob and I settling the delivery invoice. No blood was spilled, so we can call it a happy ending.

Dan Streech

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