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Well-known radio talk show host, Keith DeGreen, is preparing to set sail this weekend on an ambitious oceans-crossing journey on board his Nordhavn 55. DeGreen, whose Phoenix-based radio show “The Keith DeGreen Personal Finance Show” heard each week by more than 45,000 listeners, will broadcast his final stateside-based show from the studio he had custom installed on his boat before shoving off on an around-the-world journey that will take him to 25 ports. All the while, DeGreen will continue his Sunday morning broadcast from wherever he happens to be and take calls live.

DeGreen has dubbed his journey (as well as his boat) The Global Adventure whose purpose is to teach his audience about global economy and politics, while at the same time inspire them with a life-changing adventure. It’s the sort of activity that fits the mostly affluent, aging baby-boomer market he serves.

The Global Adventure is “an aspirational lifestyle,” said DeGreen. “But while I’m doing it, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about world economics.”

Aside from being a unique spin on a show format, The Global Adventure will set a record as the first regularly scheduled radio show to be broadcast on a private ship at sea. While some of the shows will be aired from in port, others – like the April 18th broadcast – will be beamed from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

DeGreen and his crew of three will shove off from San Diego Sunday morning shortly after the conclusion of his show. The bon voyage broadcast will feature P.A.E.’s president, Dan Streech, who heavily supports Nordhavn owners going out and using their boats to explore interesting new places. “Our experience with the (Around-The-World voyage), the (Nordhavn Atlantic Rally) and the Voyage of Egret has shown us that the boating public is fascinated with the drama and excitement of a yacht with a mission,” said Streech. “The voyage of The Global Adventure has it all and we wish Keith and his crew fair winds and following seas as they set out on what is sure to be another great adventure.”

After months in planning, DeGreen says he is excited about finally getting to head out to sea. “I feel like I’m going to learn a lot. And I think my audience will, too.”

Those in the Phoenix area can listen to DeGreen each week on radio station Newstalk 550 KFYI while the rest of the world can tune in online at www.kfyi.com. DeGreen’s show runs 8:00-11:00 a.m. (West Coast time). A special section on The Global Adventure which will include blogs from DeGreen, the boat’s itinerary and a photo gallery will be featured on nordhavn.com in the coming days. You can also learn more at www.theglobaladventure.com.

UPDATE: The fog over San Diego broke just in time for Keith DeGreen’s late morning departure on Sunday, April 1. The crew shoved off just after the end of “The Keith DeGreen Personal Finance Show” which featured PAE’s own president, Dan Streech. Nordhavn aficionados will be fascinated by this segment and the Nordhavn history lesson given by Dan. In case you missed it, you can tune into the archived broadcast at http://www.theglobaladventure.com/keith’s-april-1-global-adventure-radio-show-131/ If you want to bypass the rest of the show and go straight to Dan’s segment, fast forward to the 37th minute of the show.





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