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June 17, 2015

A couple of days in a life

Is it hard to imagine what your life might be like if you purchased a Nordhavn and could pretty much do anything you wanted with it? There’s really no end to the different ways owners use their Nordhavns, from the practical (permanent dwelling) to the adventurous (treasure hunting vehicle), to the usual (buoyed vacation house) and the unusual (Arctic expedition home base, aid supplies transporter or floating oceanography laboratory). One customer, Wim Lokhorst, owner of Nordhavn 68 Toroa, fathomed a pretty awesome way of using his boat – boys’ fishing getaway. And he documented the getaway (using the title Why We Go To Sea) to prove just how tremendous an idea it was, with footage that’s almost guaranteed to make you green with envy.

Lokhorst, his son, Jan, and a friend flew into Panama City earlier this year for a four-day excursion where they set out to conquer one of the world’s most productive fishing grounds. Fun, sun, breathtaking scenery, killer fishing, delicious homemade sushi and cocktails by sunset from the comforts of their terrific aft pilothouse Nordhavn 68 were on order during the delivery to Marina Papagayo in Costa Rica.

Watchers of this video, beware. It’s likely to instigate some major inspiration.

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