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July 30, 2017

Nordhavns course-side view of America’s Cup

Two Nordhavns that have been in Bermuda the past month caught a fish-eye view of the America’s Cup race and were front and center to see the Americans go down to the Kiwis earlier this week. The crew of Nordhavn 47 Roam took a two-pronged approach to watching the races: from their course-side view in what was known as the “Spectator Fleet”, they took to a pair of binoculars for some IRL glimpses as the boats rounded their markers. But sometimes, it was just easier to watch the television coverage of the races. The crew ambled up to the flybridge to gain the highest vantage point (the better to armchair quarterback the performances, said crew member Clark Haley), and simultaneously cozied around the tv so as not to miss a twist or turn.
“We have had such a blast,” said Clark, and watched the Opening Day races from the America’s Cup Village, “which was quite an experience!” Roam, along with N50 Tivoli, have been in Bermuda since arriving May 21. After cruising the first leg of the Nordhavn Atlantic Passage (NAP) with the entire NAP group last month, the two Nordhavns digressed from the rally. While the five other participating boats crossed the Atlantic to Europe, Roam and Tivoli will be in Bermuda until they leave in July next week (weather permitting) bound for Nova Scotia.


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