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A Celebration Fit for Pirates

November 22, 2006

After becoming the first Nordhavn 47 to cross the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally in 2004, Strickly for Fun just reached a new milestone by completing another trans-Atlantic passage. This past weekend the boat arrived safely in the Carribbean after successfully completing the 3,700 nautical-mile trip from Morocco to Grenada.

Strickly has been very busy boat since owners Scott and Teri Strickland took delivery of her in early 2004. Shakedown of the boat occurred up and down the coast of California, then continued to the Gulf of Mexico and through the Panama Canal before arriving in Fort Lauderdale where she spent a few weeks preparing for the NAR. Newbie boaters at the time, the Stricklands quickly earned their salt.

The couple has spent the past three seasons cruising around the Mediterranean, hitting boating hotspots like Turkey, Greece, Italy, Croatia and Spain. Most of the time was spent with other NAR boats moving en masse.

Deciding to bring the boat back home, Scott Strickland recruited some of his Nordhavn buddies, Frank Sain (owner of N40, Darlin’ and NAR crewmember), Tom Selman (owner of N50 Down Time and NAR crew to Que Linda) and Ron Montague (a fellow Nordhavn 47 owner) to assist him. Other than taking on some bad fuel to start, Scott said the trip went smoothly. “No question the worst thing was having to [repeatedly] change fuel filters underway,” he said. “We started with 23 spares and ended up with 5.”

The most pleasant surprise of the voyage, he said, was their stay in the Canary Islands. “The Canaries had the nicest marina of any place we visited during the last three years we’ve boated in Europe.”

They departed Ceuta, Spanish Morocco on October 21, arriving in Grenada after 26 days at sea. Details of their passage follows:

October 21-25 - Ceuta, Spanish Morocco to Canary Islands
October 28-November 3 – Canary Islands to Cape Verde
November 6-19 – Cape Verde to Grenada
Total Miles: 3,738 nm
Total Fuel Burn: 2,120 gals.
Ave. Speed: 6.7 kts.