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January 14, 2010

Nordhavn owner authors column
on Passagemaker.com

John Torelli is no stranger to published writing. After all, he's recently written a book Life Is A Journey: Why Not Live It Aboard A Trawler? and is currently working on penning a non-fiction thriller set on a Nordhavn (naturally!). This month, Torelli was asked by Passagmaker to author a column on the top five trawler buying mistakes for their online magazine. A two-time Nordhavn owner, Torelli knows a thing or two about buying trawlers. And, as a featured speaker at Trawler Fest events on the topic of living aboard, he also knows a thing or two about giving advice. The column was a natural fit for him, so he put pen to paper and turned out a Top 5 List that is a must-read for anyone considering purchasing a trawler.