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Nordhavn Yachts: The Epicenter of Expedition Yachts

Almost 20 years ago Nordhavn launched their first expedition yacht. Since that time, the dream of its two entrepreneurial founders has launched a whole new category of the sport -- Expedition Yachting. They didn't invent the concept of world cruising, of course, as that quest had long burned in the hearts of men. Nor did they even create world-ranging production fiberglass boats, for sailboats own that distinction. But Nordhavn can lay claim to being the first company that set it sights on world cruising in a production fiberglass powerboat built by people who knew what they were doing and care passionately about getting the details right. It has spawned an industry.

Now everyone from kids out of college to 80-year-old America's Cup helmsman Ted Hood is designing "Expedition" yachts. Its time has come and Nordhavn is here with a fleet of boats that appeal to almost any purse. If you are at all interested in this type of boat our interview with Dan Streech, co-founder of Nordhavn, is "must" viewing.


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