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September 10, 2013

Bula Dirona! 

“Bula” is the “Aloha” of Fiji – a greeting that means both hello and goodbye.  To many it is an expression of happiness and a reflection that life is good.

So it certainly seems appropriate to use “Bula” and “Dirona” in the same sentence… as a check-in phrase to greet James and Jennifer Hamilton who are out on a picture postcard adventure through the Pacific.

In November of 2012 Dirona, Nordhavn 5263, owned and operated by the Hamiltons, crossed the Pacific traveling from Oakland, CA to Hilo, HI – the first ocean crossing by a Nordhavn 52.

Cruising the South Pacific is something most of us dream of…and something the Hamiltons have been doing.  They intend to leave Fiji soon and sail to New Zealand (maybe arriving in time to hear the results of the 34th America’s Cup which is happening back in the Bay where they originally departed from).

Over the last few months they have crossed the Equator and have been Scuba diving in bucket list places like French Polynesia, Palmyra, Tonga (check out the amazing cave diving photos on their blog), the Society Islands (I like their idea of civilization!) and generally playing the role of modern day trawler explorers.  Modern day - meaning all of the comforts of home in the luxury of their Nordhavn - enjoying incredible surroundings, friendly people and everything associated with the nomadic good life of tireless travelers.

Ever heard of Beveridge Reef?  Here’s what it looks like…

James and Jennifer are high tech folks and one little project James has developed while out cruising is a software program that updates Dirona’s vitals every 5 seconds.  Here is a screen shot of a recent report.

Freshly departed from Fiji and now with over 3500 hours on their main engine (equating to over 23,500 miles under their keel) they have already travelled far enough to have completed a circumnavigation …hmm; I wonder where they will go after New Zealand?



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