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Buzz over Nordhavn’s new motorsailer intensifies

October 22, 2007

It’s T-minus eight months for Nordhavn’s most innovative new boat since the ground breaking Nordhavn 46 was launched nearly two decades ago. And everyone from the manufacturer to the shipyard to the boating public are talking about the new Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer with the same fervor. But where the 46-foot trawler was received with less-than-open arms upon her announcement, the 56 M/S is being celebrated far and wide.

Earlier this month, the Motorsailer made her public debut – if only in rendering form – at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis where she had tongues wagging over her concept and innovative variable pitch propeller. “At many times during the show, the booth was filled with people wanting to talk about her,” said Randy Robertson, head of Motorsailer promotions. “Not surprising, this is a boat that is very intriguing to cruisers – both sail and power alike.”


The Motorsailer will make its formal debut at the 2008 Sailboat Show, but those who don’t want to wait that long to get a glimpse of the first hull can follow her progress via the quarterly newsletter, On Watch, dedicated solely to the news and events surrounding production of the 56 M/S. Compiled by Robertson, who is a frequent visitor to the Ta Shing Yacht Building yard where the MS is being built, On Watch is filled with the latest construction photos, news, seatrial results and vendor spotlights. Featured in the first edition’s “Profiles of Partnership” section is Hundested Propeller, manufacturer of the controllable pitch propeller which makes the Nordhavn Motorsailer such a versatile and efficient cruiser. To read the current edition of On Watch in .pdf format, click here. Or you can sign up to receive a hard copy of the newsletter mailed to your home.

The Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer is being celebrated like no other Nordhavn before her and it’s due, in large part, to the sailboat history that goes back between P.A.E. and Ta Shing. P.A.E.’s legacy began with the world renown Mason line of cruising sailing yachts during the heyday of sailboat manufacturing in the 1970s and 80s. Shopping around for a yard to build their Mason design, P.A.E. learned of Ta Shing, the Taiwanese yacht builder which had been producing several top sailboat brands including Taswell and Norsemen. P.A.E. commissioned them to build the Mason and thus commenced what has turned into a 30-year partnership.

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When P.A.E. sensed the shifting tide from sail to power and began focusing on building Nordhavns, Ta Shing continued building only Masons for P.A.E. until it became apparent that Mason sales were not going to provide enough work for the factory. Ta Shing eventually began working on the Nordhavn 62. The venerable model defines the look of Nordhavn and orders are still being taken today.  Ta Shing now also builds the N64/68 and the N72/76 series.

After deciding to launch the new Motorsailer design, P.A.E. once again turned to Ta Shing and its legacy of building world class sailing vessels. Having been founded on sailboats, the Motorsailer project earned a special place in the hearts of the Ta Shing staff. To commemorate the beginning of construction of the first N56 Motorsailer, Ta Shing’s president hosted a festive party. All of Ta Shing’s employees attended the fete which kicked off with a speech and toast by Ta Shing president Tim Juan. “This was the first time we have celebrated a new project like this,” said Mr. Juan. “It was a simple celebration, but (management) wanted to show our appreciation for everyone’s hard work. We are very excited to begin this project.”

Since then, work on hull number one has been swift as evidenced by the latest construction photos to come out of the factory. “Ta Shing is taking great pride with the build of this model,” said P.A.E. President Dan Streech. “We are very excited by what we see in this latest round of photos.”

Hull #1 is scheduled for arrival in Dana Point, California next July while hull #2 will be shipped to the East Coast in the fall. The Nordhavn 56 Motorsailer is available at a base price of $1.3 million. If you would like more information on this innovative, efficient, confidence-provoking new cruising vessel, please contact us.



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