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February 25, 2008

We’ve come up with some pretty amazing Nordhavn promotions at PAE (such as ocean crossing rallies and globe girdling adventures).  These events underscore our versatile products’ abilities to safely carry passengers across the seas to destinations in far away time zones.

The allure of the nomadic trawler lifestyle has also been lavishly documented in three Circumnavigator magazines where Nordhavn owners have shared their experiences through photos and words and have individually highlighted each of our incredible designs.

It typically takes years of dreaming and planning before the three key components to long-range cruising  - health, time and money – come into alignment. So take note: we are ready to build your new Nordhavn (or help you purchase a previously cruised edition) whenever you are ready.

In the meantime, we have adapted an “old school” marketing ploy for 2008 to help remind our owners and future owners why they are putting in the time behind a desk.  Nothing like an enticing pinup on the wall to get your mind’s wheels turning.  Yes, the 2008 Nordhavn calendar has been a great success and though we are just about ready to turn to the third page there are still a handful available so it’s not too late if you want to order yours today. (As a matter of fact, with time ticking away, we are lowering the price of these picturesque year planners to a mere $12.95. Pick one up while you still can!)

Last week at the Miami boat show we had three lovely Nordhavns on display – a 43, 47 and 55.  The 55 was Always Friday owned by Buddy and Kathy Bethea. Many of the hundreds of Nordhavn aficionados who stopped by were big fans of Buddy’s blog and already familiar with his boat.

And they were also familiar with the Bonne Vie, owned by Ronnie and Donna Bonvie, whether or not they readily knew it. The Bonvies, who were among many Nordhavn owners to come by the show, own Nordhavn 6202, the very boat once owned by Jimmy Buffett.

And now, thanks to the Nordhavn calendar, these two boats are even more recognizable by Nordy fans. So how lucky was I to be sitting in the saloon with the women behind “Miss January” and “Miss July”? I whipped out my camera and with a quick click, I captured the two ladies posing with their calendar girls.

Before you know it July will be here and if you act swiftly, you will be able to enjoy the photo of Bonne Vie gliding past the Statue of Liberty…and who knows, maybe you will be supplying us a photo of your Nordhavn for the 2009 or 2010 calendar!



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