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Nordhavn at the Center of the Universe


May 23, 2008

Nordhavn at the center of the universe

At P.A.E. we like to think of Nordhavns as being at the center of the boating universe. After all, no one has pushed the cruising envelope quite like us. (Consider the Around-The-World trip, the Atlantic Rally, and the 75 Expedition Yachtfisher!) But a few weeks ago, we found Nordhavn at the literal Center of the Universe…that is, Times Square.

It was a Friday night, not unlike any other except that on this particular night, perched way above the people of New York City, was a 22-foot high image of Nordhavn 43 owner Whitney Tipton standing in the pilothouse of her boat, Island Magic.

Now we know what you’re thinking: What has Nordhavn done this time to earn them a spot normally reserved for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or Ryan Seacrest on New Year’s Eve? What has PAE finally come up with as a follow-up to the spectacular NAR?

Truthfully, it’s nothing on as grand a scale as that (note: watch for that announcement coming soon!), although it is pretty fantastic in its simplicity. The reason for the oversized pic was simply due to Whitney’s love for her Nordhavn. You see, Whitney sells advertising for Reuters, which owns the large billboard at the corner of 43rd and 7th Avenue. She was hosting a dinner for some clients and came up with a unique idea for a party favor. She thought the group would enjoy seeing themselves broadcast up on the billboard during their meal, so prior to the event she requested they each submit to her a couple of their favorite photos. She also had a camera crew set up to shoot each image so every guest had a hardcopy memento of their “snapshot of fame.”

Whitney decided she wanted her five minutes as well so she looked through some shots that would be appropriate. In addition to photos of her and her husband, Dan, and a few shots of their families, Whitney came across this picture of Jeff and her standing in the pilothouse during their offshore delivery. “It sounds pretty sappy but the photo brought me back to that thrilling day where our long-time dream became a reality,” said Whitney.

Last week she forwarded the photo to Jeff who was as surprised as anyone. “It was very unexpected and just really cool,” said Jeff. “Actually kind of surreally cool. I would’ve liked to have been there in person to see it!”

Jeff said he immediately “clicked” with Whitney and Dan when they came to him looking for a boat they could cruise in and live on. “When I showed them Island Magic, it was love at first sight,” Jeff said. “It was nice to see how happy they were with the boat.” And as Jeff assisted  them with training and delivery down to Mexico, that happiness never waned. “That was such a good trip. I had a good time working with them.”

Based on the west coast, the couple purchased their boat, N43#1, last October, obtained a slip in Marina del Rey and have taken mini-cruises to Mexico. Having recently sold their condo, they will soon move full-time on to the boat. With their busy work schedules, time only permits for short trips, but they are still enjoying themselves. “We love the Nordhavn community and have already made several new friends,” says Whitney. “In Marina del Rey alone we found four other Nordhavns and…buddy boated with them over to Catalina last weekend.. Life is pretty good! Thanks PAE!”


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