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MAy 25, 2010

Changing Times
Power Cruising’s evolution from obscure to not-quite mainstream

Eric Bloomquist is a three-time Nordhavn owner and has seen the changing face of long-range cruising by power. Along with his wife, Annie, and son, Bear, he recently crossed the Pacific Ocean in their Nordhavn 64 Oso Blanco, going from Puerto Vallarta to the Marqueses. The trip was the longest single leg the family has done to date and served to confirm their passion of seeing the world by boat. What follows is an open letter to Pacific Asian Enterprises on some of the observations he has amassed about the trawler industry since he first joined the power cruising corps nearly 10 years ago.

We are currently anchored near Fakarava, in the Tuamotus. What an amazing experience this has been for us. Even with over 30,000 Nordy miles under our belt, each day is a new part of the dream.

One of the biggest things we have noticed is the changing times for passagemakers. When we first went to Mexico in KIVA, our N40, (2001) we were a rarity nearly everywhere we went. People continually came up to us to see what we were and what we were doing in the realm of sailboats. And that was just in Pacific Mexico.

Nordhavn has changed the face of cruising. Here we are anchored in the Tuamotus, which used to be called "the dangerous archipelago". Not so long ago, only the most adventurous sailors came to some of these atolls. Today, our visit seems like 'just another day in paradise'. Not only are these places accessible in safety and wonderful comfort, but we are not considered a rarity. 

 In the last month, here in French Polynesia, our N64 has crossed paths with Khushiyan (N55), Emily Grace (N46), Mystery Ship (N64), Lone Wolf (N62) and I have heard rumor of at least one other N55 lurking around...it's almost party! How about a French Polynesia Rendevous?

By the way, we were recently informed that we have attained "Commodore" status in the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA). While others have become Commodores in sailboats and later converted to the "dark side", I believe we are the first native powerboaters to achieve this status  powerboaters from since they recently changed their rules.

The dream continues...




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