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Countdown To The New 43 Is On

Without much fanfare, the Nordhavn 43 project has been quietly moving forward on all fronts. With limited media and boat show promotion of this boat, the first ten hulls have already been reserved by knowing Nordhavn aficionados who have found it through our website, read about it in Circumnavigator magazine or heard about it from our sales staff.

The N43 completed hull mold received its final polishing and went into the mold on October 1. Given that the venerable Nordhavn 46 project has produced 83 boats to date, we estimate that over 100 N43s will be produced over the next 8 years.

The deck plug (the mock-up from which the deck molds will be made) is now at the “creative” stage. The full-size reproduction allows us to visualize, walk through and check the hull for ergonomic correctness. It’s constructed out of unfinished wood which can be cut, changed, or added to as necessary, to make it perfect.

Naval architect Jeff Leishman recently spent a week at the factory inspecting the tooling and tweaking the deck plug. Jeff’s changes allowed for building of the deck to commence.

Hull #1 of the Nordhavn 43 project is scheduled for completion on February 1, 2004.








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