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December 2, 2011

Nordhavn’s ATW 40-footer: a decade later


Something collectors look for. Something that sets it apart from the ordinary, perhaps with historical significance.  Like having been owned by a great person in history, or a Le Mans winner from 1962. To the collector, this is the ultimate score.

The Nordhavn ATW 40

No stranger to boats Bill Bradshaw and his wife Debbie have owned 44 different boats of all kinds.  New boats, fast boats, big boats, old boats, even sailboats. But when Bill ran across the history-making Nordhavn 40 which set the record as the smallest production power yacht to  circle the globe back in 2001-2002 (in just about 6 months), he had to have her even if she was in rough shape – not from the circumnavigation but from neglect. It seems the economy affected the previous owner who was unable to care for her.

Nordhavn’s ATW 40-footer: a decade later"She still had the ATW logo on the hull and cabin sides." Remembers Bill, "I followed that adventure in the publications, but never dreamed I would ever see her in person let alone ever own her."

So it began, two years ago in January, even after Bill had promised Debbie previously not take on another “Project Boat”. But that oath faded from his mind as they made plans to own Finally, the Nordhavn ATW 40.

Once she was theirs the list of upgrades was made, things like replacing all of the appliances, water maker mother board and high pressure pumps, adding a stern thruster and replacing all water pumps and HVAC systems. A beefier battery bank system was installed as was new LED lighting to save energy at anchor. All of the electronics were upgraded to make her like new as far as boat operations are concerned including AIS and a rear view camera.  And perhaps the most significant change was repairs to the stabilizer systems (passive and active) because of damage caused before the Bradshaw’s purchased her. As you would expect, the basic boat, engines and fuel system were all fine.

“We knew she was sound after a seven week trip to Bermuda this summer and would provide a great way for us to leave the cold weather behind about 6 months each year."

Ray Danet from the Nordhavn SE office spotted the ATW 40 at the marina near the Nordhavn docks. He immediately rushed to meet Bill and Debbie and recall the hours he personally spent aboard that boat during its longest stretch at sea: the Hawaii to Singapore leg, one of the most beautiful legs which included the Marshall Islands.

Ray invited Bill and Debbie to join in the Nordhavn Open House fun Friday and Saturday and they graciously agreed. They look forward to speaking about their experience as Nordhavn owners with Open House attendees as well as show off their stunning boat.

Following this weekend's Open House, the couple's plan is to depart Stuart bound for Lake Worth the following Monday and then head for the Abacos for the winter.

If you see this historically important vessel during her travels be sure to wave to Bill and Debbie Bradshaw. She should be easy to spot: the boat is still adorned with the Around The World logo on her bow – just as she was 10 years ago – and more likely than not, she’ll have a crowd of onlookers gathered around her because if there’s one thing that’s been proven in the past decade, the ATW Nordhavn 40 attracts attention, no matter what corner of the globe she happens to be in.


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