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May 13, 2015

Déjà vu all over again
Former Nordhavn 40 owners repeat boat buying experience with a new N52

After Jim and Lynda Frantz christened their brand new Nordhavn 52 two weeks ago, they got right to work preparing for their maiden voyage. In many respects, they are having a déjà vu moment stemming from the last time they bought a new boat.

It was 2000 and the couple had just made the switch over from sail to power via a brand new Nordhavn 40. Excited to explore the waters of the Pacific Northwest while staying dry and warm, the Frantzes hopped aboard their 40, called Albedos, and headed for British Columbia and Alaska.

Fast forward to May 2015: Jim and Lynda have just broken the champagne bottle over the bow of their Nordhavn 52 which has been in Dana Point for a little over three months undergoing commissioning. “The 40 was the perfect boat for us back in 2000, and, well, we loved the boat,” says Jim. They cruised 14 years and more than 30,000 miles in their N40 while subsequently hosting an increasing number of guests aboard. It soon became clear they needed a bigger boat.

The solution came in the form of the Nordhavn 52, and now the couple sits in the pilothouse of their new yacht and marvel at how things will be different…yet still the same. Also called, Albedos, she arrived to southern California in January and when the Frantzes laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight all over again. “When we first saw the boat, we thought, ‘it is so beautiful!’ remarks Lynda. “It came out so wonderfully. We’re thrilled with it.”

They remained in Dana Point during commissioning, and over the course of time became reacquainted with the PAE staff – many of who assisted with the commission of their 40 more than a decade ago. “I’m amazed that many of them from our 2000 experience are still here,” said Jim. The family atmosphere that comes from PAE’s long-standing team is a comforting one for Lynda, while the consistency was a confidence builder for Jim: “Having already done this once before with Nordhavn, we knew we were going to get a well built boat.”

In just a couple of days, the Frantzes will embark on the same voyage they took in their Nordhavn 40, up the west coast and on to British Columbia and Alaska. The couple have boated all over the world but the Pacific Northwest remains their favorite cruising grounds. After so many years spent exploring the area, “there’s still a lot to see,” says Jim.

One way their boating experience will be completely different is the roominess their N52 now provides them. With children and grandkids coming along for trips, the single head had become a major issue, said Lynda. The Nordhavn 52 has two heads, loads of headroom, an additional stateroom plus a huge cockpit for their newest addition, Izzie, their dog.

When questioned about their cruising plans now and in the future, Jim offers responses tailored specifically to whomever is doing the asking: “To my drone buddies, I call Albedos our new multi-rotor launch platform. I’d really like to see what’s above those waterfalls and on top of the cliffs where no man has ever ventured. To my fishing buddies, I tell of the 1,500-lb. davit that we’ll use to land that even bigger halibut. To my friends [who] like solitude, I tell of our plans to anchor for a week or more in the hidey-hole on the west side of Chichagof in southeast Alaska where no white eyes are near and the grizzlies, wolves, fish and birds are plentiful. And for Lynda and me, it’s about being together without interruptions and activities of a busy life in Scottsdale.”

Ed. Note The Frantzes departed Dana Point, CA May 4 with their first stop being San Francisco. They are currently enroute to British Columbia.