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N52 "Dirona" in midst of 3,000 nm journey
from Rhode Island to Ireland

The couple left their boat in Newport, RI for approximately 5 weeks to get ready for this trip. “While there, we really enjoyed the city but were also just watching the weather in the North Atlantic waiting for a weather opportunity to cross over to Kinsale.” (Anyone from New England reading this knows good weather windows have been few and far between the past several weeks.)
Today is day 9 of their 19-day leg. “The boat is in great shape with all systems 100 percent operational,” said James. In truth, not much had to be done to the boat prior to departure, with just  a few minor controls and alerting system changes.
The couple plan to spend the next 6 weeks in Ireland, will head to Glasgow in July and spend late summer/early fall cruising the Scottish Isles. Far future plans call for Norway in 2018, the Baltic Sea in 2019 and back to North America – by way of Iceland and Greenland in 2020.


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