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The new NORDHAVN 86 makes megayacht debut

Nordhavn launches Distance Pennant Program

July 31, 2008

Nordhavns were created with cruising in mind. Today it seems no matter where you look – from Boston to Bora Bora – Nordhavns are out exploring the waters of the world. Other boat manufacturers claim to have cruise-worthy vessels, but the proof is in the ocean. That’s why we let our owners do the talking for us. And to demonstrate how potent that cruising spirit is amongst the Nordhavn family, PAE has created the Distance Pennant Program aimed at showcasing these mileage-makers at their finest. Owners are invited to list the places they’ve cruised, the number of hours they put on their engines, and the total number of miles accrued along the way. Each submission is cataloged on the Distance Pennant Program page, and when an owner hits 2,500 miles, PAE awards them with a distance pennant. Several pennants can be earned – with 2,500 being the jumping off point and subsequent pennants being issued in increments of 5,000 miles. Each one will be a different color to clearly differentiate from the other denominations. At any time, an owner can log in to the database and update their trip description and mileage total, and, when applicable, earn their first or next burgee.

How the miles are gotten isn’t important: a non-stop trip from Hawaii to the Marquesas or years spent cruising the Med. The bottom line is that Nordhavns are being used and we at PAE are proud of that fact. Our owners inspire us and we think they’ll inspire you, too.


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