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Nordhavn explores new territory

June 4, 2007

Excitement filled the air on a recent Friday in Dana Point, California as PAE employees, commissioning techs and sales staff filed out to the docks to check out the latest arrivals from China: a new 40/II, an aft pilothouse 76 and the very first Nordhavn 68. Having several new boats loaded off a container at one time is not unusual and seeing a new hull for the first time does elicit excitement. But for PAE, the significance of the boats’ arrival marked the first time all the vessels launched were owned by repeat Nordhavn buyers.

While the instance of having every new boat off a single container ship owned by 2nd-time owners is a first for us, the idea of yielding many repeat buyers is not. In fact, more and more new Nordhavns are being sold to previous or existing Nordy owners.

John and Mary Torelli were one of the first people to buy a Nordhavn 40/II. They sold it earlier this year, intent on searching for something larger – and perhaps even faster. But after an intense hunt, the Torellis came back to me for a second 40/II. You can’t really accuse them of poor planning. By using Nordhavn as a basis for comparison they just couldn’t find anything else that came close to the quality and systems they were used to, so they signed up for hull #61.

Ken and Roberta Williams, names familiar to cruising enthusiasts, had a lot of fun with their Nordhavn 62 highlighted by crossing the Atlantic in our Nordhavn Atlantic Rally. (The trip inspired Ken to pen “Crossing an Ocean Under Power” which is a great read for serious passage makers – available at www.kensbook.com.) After selling their 62 they convinced us to modify our then new Nordhavn 64 design to make a wheelhouse aft version which was developed into what has become the very popular Nordhavn 68. Like the Torellis, the Williams explored other options when their initial request for an aft model 64 was deemed not viable. But there was nothing else out there that met the standards they had developed as a result of the Nordhavn 62. Happily, it worked out in the end that the Williams have another gorgeous new Nordhavn and PAE has a terrific new addition to the line.

Geoff and Anne McGeary are former Nordhavn 57 owners hailing from Australia. They cruised all over the Indian Ocean and up into the Med before handing over the keys to our European sales office who found a ready buyer. Their 76 is not only their second Nordhavn, but is the second 76 sold to Australians (and the first Australian 76, Michael and Miriam Lasky are coincidentally also former Nordhavn 57 owners!)

With close to 400 Nordhavns built you will find our trawlers cruising in just about every sea on earth. I can think of no greater endorsement than a repeat buyer. We try our best to make each customer happy and also to provide them with the ultimate long range power yacht. Each of these couples has an appreciation for the finer things in life; they like to travel and explore in luxury and comfort. They are also secure in the knowledge that they not only know their builder, they know that we will stand behind them.

To the Torellis, Williams and McGearys: welcome back, congratulations and thank you for your loyalty to Nordhavn. May the second time around be just as satisfying as the first.



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