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July 12, 2015

Bonne vie Scott and Mary Flanders

ZuluBy Dan Streech

For over 10 years now, reading the words “Mis Amigos” meant that you were about to be entertained by Scott Flanders’ latest installment of the Voyage of Egret. Scott and his lovely wife Mary have circumnavigated the globe - and more - and along the way have made us smile, and have given us vicarious thrills, pleasure and a great nautical and personal education as we have ridden along with them on their sturdy Nordhavn 46 Egret. Regretfully, the last installment of Voyage of Egret is now being posted as Scott and Mary say good bye to this phase of their lives and move on to the next. Egret now has a new owner. Scott and Mary have been generous with their time and always took great pleasure Zuluin bringing cruising “newbies” under their wings and helping them with education and encouragement. Scott’s powerful and consistent message of “do it now” inspired many people over the years to break their ties with an “old life” and begin a new life of cruising.Additionally, Scott and Mary’s ownership of Egret coincided with the period of time that the Nordhavn name evolved from a regional product to an internationally known branded name. How much did the Voyage of Egret contribute to the fame of Nordhavn? A lot. Thank you Scott and Mary. We are deeply appreciative of your support of PAE/Nordhavn and wish you well in your new life.

(Ed. note: Voyage of Egret has remained a hugely popular section of the nordhavn.com website since its inception nearly 10 years ago. It's amazing looking back to all the places they have been in that time. With its various sub-menus including a pre-trip guide Scott authored, a forum section, and of course, a photo gallery to be envied, it’s a nearly impossible feat to replicate the impact that Voyage of Egret had on our website. So we’ve decided not to try and fill those shoes, instead we are going to highlight other owner blogs every month. There are so many great ones worthy of following. A list can be found here but we’d like to put the spotlight on some of them. Scott was a huge proponent of James and Jennifer Hamilton on board their Nordhavn 52 Dirona so we’re going to kick things off with their highly insightful mvdirona.com blog.)

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