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October 17, 2008

Nordhavn 46 "Egret" left Gibraltar just over two years ago. Covering 12,000 miles including traveling down the coast of South America the "wrong" way and going around Cape Horn twice, the little Nordhavn reached it's final destination this morning, enjoying a swift downhill ride into Opua, New Zealand.

"Egret has traveled a lot of miles and seen sights in the world few have seen," commented owner Scott Flanders upon reaching landfall. "it has been quite an adventure we never dreamed of when we took possession of our little white fiberglass ship" in 2001.

Egret's travels include her maiden voyage from Fort Lauderdale to Nantucket and later an Atlantic crossing from Fort Lauderdale to Gibraltar as part of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally, and a two-year cruise around the Mediterranean prior to her South America-New Zealand itinerary. Since then, thousands have been following along with Scott and Mary Flanders as they describe the trials, tribulations and jubilations during the past two-years via thorough and thoughtful log reports and a depictive photo gallery on the nordhavn.com section entitled Voyage of Egret.

Although the couple have reached their final destination, Scott maintains to the readers of Voyage of Egret that more is to come. "Don't think this is the end, he said. "We are just getting started. We will bash a lot more waves together."

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