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March 11, 2011

A look back in history reveals eighth circumnavigating Nordhavn

Two weeks ago we celebrated the circumnavigation of Nordhavn 46 Egret. PAE presented her owners, Scott and Mary Flanders, with a cruising log book and a special “circumnavigator” edition distance pennant. Only seven of the circumnavigator pennants have been created, one for each of the Nordhavns that have circled the globe. We’re quite proud of these individuals and their boats which have achieved among the ultimate in boating triumphs. Problem is, it turns out we’ve got one more circumnavigating boat than circumnavigator pennants.

How is it that we could have overlooked an orbiting Nordhavn? Yes, more Nordhavns have gone around the world and crossed oceans than any other brand of production power boat, but it’s not as if it happens so frequently that we might fail to notice one. The fact is, said boat in question, a Nordhavn 62, completed its circumnavigation in a particularly unusual way: under the command of two different sets of owners, and as a result, two different names. Couple one, John and Gail Maloney bought 62#18 new and took her from Dana Point, California, to Europe by way of the South Pacific. They spent four years from 2002-06 exploring such places as the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia, Indonesia and Thailand, India, Yemen and Egypt, went through the Suez Canal and on to Turkey, the Eastern Med and much of Europe. The boat, called Rover amassed 29,522 nm before being sold by our UK office to Warren Rosendale. Warren re-christened the boat Patty M and took her throughout the Mediterranean. Then in 2007, he and his crew left Guernsey and crossed the Atlantic. They transited the Panama Canal on their way to Dana Point, and ultimately Newport Beach.

So let the record books show that eight Nordhavns have circumnavigated the world on their own bottoms. Our apologies to 62 hull 18. Your circumnavigator pennant is on order.


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