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Factory Raises The Bar



Nordhavn's exciting Xiamen China factory has been in a continuous state of expansion since it first opened less than 3 years ago. Using a core staff of veterans from our South Coast Marine factory in Taiwan to form the management team, this magnificent facility lost no time in getting up to speed, and our workforce of 400 people at the ultra modern Xiamen facility is now producing three models of the Nordhavn line, (the N40, N47 and N55) at a rate of 3 boats per month.

The latest addition to the factory is a test tank and crane lifting system. This allows each boat to be water launched and thoroughly tested prior to shipment. Engines, generators, air conditioning, toilets, hydraulics, fuel systems and much more are put through the paces and tested under load before the boat leaves the factory. This process improves quality and cuts down on the commissioning time at the final destination.

The test tank is 30 feet wide by 132 feet long and is 13.2 feet deep. The crane has a capacity of 150 tons and right now lifts boats 50 feet in the air, but can be adjusted to lift higher if necessary.









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