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September 17, 2012

Family Time

Miami Show greets Nordhavn with  crowds at pre-downturn levelsLike many boaters out there, I had a client (I’m referring to as “T.F.” for the sake of privacy) who turned 70 this year and decided he didn’t want to wait anymore to fulfill a wish of living the rest of his life more vivaciously by cruising aboard his own trawler yacht. He used the milestone as the excuse to finally realize his dream of buying a Nordhavn 62 – a boat he has longed for ever since he saw his first one.

Since T.F. was focused on the N62 specifically, we set out to evaluate all of the 62s on the market (and some that aren’t). I helped him find exactly what he wanted up in Washington and after completing the purchase, joined him on a 1200 mile training excursion down the U.S. West Coast to Ensenada, Mexico. (I love doing these trips and it was a wonderful experience for all aboard, the boat was ready, willing and able after sitting at the docks for a couple of years). T. F. is an experienced boater, moving over from sail. He made several equipment upgrades in order to make the boat perfect for him and his family. *

The goal with this purchase is to enjoy cruising with his children and grandchildren throughout Mexico and beyond so the layout of the 62 with four cabins and lots of living space has proven ideal.

Last week I received an email with the attached beautiful photo (I now have it downloaded as my computer wall paper on my desk top and it is sized so you can click here and do the same).

The email was precise as the photo speaks volumes…

Subject: Sea of Cortes 9/12

Hello Jeff:

Sea water 82F. Depth 16ft. Can life get any better?



If you take a close look you can see people in the water swimming off the transom. Certainly this snap shot in time is a memory the entire family will enjoy for the rest of their lives and I hope it will inspire you to move forward with plans to do something similar aboard a Nordhavn with your clan!

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