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Fun facts about the Nordhavn Distance Pennant Program

November 4, 2008

By Becky Peters

Nordhavn – Power that is Oceans Apart.  It isn’t just a slogan; it’s a reality…one that has been illustrated time and again by our boats and the owners who drive them. Over the years Nordhavn owners have covered great mileage and with 420 Nordhavns now in the water, we wanted to find out just how many miles exactly have been logged. That was the theory behind our now successful Nordhavn Distance Pennant Program (pennants awarded to owners in recognition for miles logged on their Nordhavns) initiated this past summer. Currently in full swing, some extraordinary facts are emerging as a result of the hundreds of entries that have been submitted. We at P.A.E. have proudly spoken of numbers in a general fashion for years, but the hard figures are true eye-openers. Consider these stats:

 With a Nordhavn, You Have The Power To Go Anywhere. One hundred and four (104) Nordhavn owners have logged onto the Distance Pennant Program, recording a total of 1,497,000 nm.  That number represents only one-quarter of Nordhavns prowling the oceans, so you can just imagine what the actual mileage tally might be.  

Even small Nordhavns have covered the miles.  Of all the N35s that have checked in, four have logged 39,451 nautical miles, an average of 9,800 per yacht.  Arctic Tern with Chuck and Antje Conway at the helm traveled 18,600 nm.  Mind you, this model is not even considered an ocean-crosser!

Owners of our smallest passagemaker, the Nordhavn 40, have logged 197,460 nm.  Those miles might have been “skewed” by the N40 that PAE took around the world, but it doesn’t take away from John and Sue Spencer who logged 27,800 nm on Uno Mas, and Lawrence Rick who put 32,240 nm on Done Dreamin’.   Lawrence sold his boat in January 2008, afterward saying he is contentedly “done dreamin’”!

Newer kids on the block have been up to the challenge. The first Nordhavn 43 was launched only three years ago in 2004, but these hearty yachts have already logged 79,622 nm.   Eric and Christi Grab have covered 20,200 nm on Kosmos, starting in Ensenada, Mexico in 2006.  Kosmos is currently in Greece and the Grabs’ lengthy travel log ends with the words “and we’re still going …”.

Even newer still to the market, the Nordhavn 64 has averaged 18,000 nm each and the Nordhavn 68, 12,000 nm each.   The brand new 86, CaryAli, just delivered this year, has already been from Dana Point, CA to Alaska and back and is now headed south. 

Those who have made history along the way…The workhorse of the sea has to be the Nordhavn 46.  Thirty adventurous Nordhavn 46 owners logged over one-half million nautical miles, 531,317 to be exact, covering every part of the planet.  Wolfgang and Heidi Hass circumnavigated the world twice (the first ever to accomplish such a feat) in Kanaloa, and are headed out again.  Jim Sink traveled over 50,000 nm on Salvation II, making the first global circumnavigation in a production power boat.   Scott and Mary Flanders have had 40,000 nm of adventures on Egret, including doubling around Cape Horn, again, a first by a production power boat.

The Nordhavn 62 has gone 194,000 nautical miles, with the average 62 logging 21,500 nm.  Marty Wilson registered 57,000 nm on his Nordhavn 62, Karma.  Marty has actually traveled 83,000 nm on two boats and did two circumnavigations (the first 62 to complete one!).  He visited all continents (except Antarctica) and loved experiencing a multitude of cultures…even when he was offered to swap his wife for a couple of camels. (He promptly turned down the proposition.)

…and those who quietly go about their business. As a group, the Nordhavn 55s have covered 61,000 nm, and the Nordhavn 57s logged 114,630 nm led by Emeritus with 43,000 nm.

Overcoming more than bad sea conditions. Perhaps an ideal representation of the adventurous spirit that lives within our owners can be found in the story of Scott and Teri Strickland. Scott and Teri covered 30,000 nm on their Nordhavn 47 Strickly For Fun. And while that’s an amazing stat, it doesn’t reflect the boating obstacles the couple was saddled with prior to taking the keys to their new boat. With the Nordhavn’s complex systems combined with limited previous boating experience, Scott had a steep learning curve to conquer while Teri had to overcome her own battle…with seasickness. Looking back, it’s hard to remember that was ever the case. The now seasoned pros have been all over Europe and even made a monstrous 3,700-nm passage from Morocco to Grenada.

We continue to enjoy the entries of our Nordhavn owners and hope you will, too. And if you’re a current or former Nordhavn owner, we encourage you to post your miles, continually update your entries, and help us get closer to discovering that actual jaw-dropping number!

Oh, the places you will go … (Dr. Seuss)


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