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March 9, 2015

Getting away on a Nordhavn is easier than you think

By Becky Peters


Wanna get away? (To borrow the tagline from Southwest Airlines.)


It’s as simple as clicking onto the Owner Blogs section of nordhavn.com. Did you know that these Nordhavn owner blogs are a treasure-trove of travel adventures and breathless photography? Whether you are a Nordhavn Owner thinking of your next adventure, or a Nordhavn Dreamer just one-winning-lottery-ticket away from living “the good life”, a simple click on www.nordhavn.com/community/blogs will transport you to the boating lifestyle of a cruising Nordhavn owner. 


Would you like to explore the San Juan Islands or Pacific Northwest? Check out the blog and the photos by Larry and Marcia Crass cruising with their dog Sandy on N43 Hale Kai, or Scott Boyd’s blog for N47 Sea Eagle or Marc Halcomb on N43 Navigator. After a 7-year trip from the East Coast to the West Coast of North America via the Panama Canal, David, Kathrynand 16-year- old Ayla Besemer on N43 Three@Sea are currently in Friday Harbor. Speaking of trips through the Panama Canal, you can read about Larry Gaddy’s adventures on N43 Tropical Blend along with many others who have transited from both directions en route to varied itineraries. 


Thinking of cruising in the Med?  Laurence and Diane Cranfield are currently in Greece on N46 Envoy. Tina and Braun Jones on N64 Ocean Pearl just completed travels in the Baltic Sea. Steve and Carol Argosy on N62 Seabird along with Ken and Roberta Williams on N68 Sans Souci spent the summer of 2014 cruising the Med. Ken writes: “We started in Croatia, cruised down the east coast of Italy, explored the east and southern coasts of Sicily, cruised Malta, returned to Sicily, then out to the Aeolian islands, back to the west coast of Italy, out to the island of Panza, past the island of Capri, northeast Sardinia, the east coast of Corsica, past Montecristo, and into Elba. That's a lot of paddling! (well, actually .. motoring) And, our journey is not over.”  With an enormous following, Ken maintains the ‘gold standard’ of travel blogs. 


You can read about cruising in the Northeast, Florida, and Samoan Islands, or crossings to Hawaii, Australia, or New Zealand. Do you want to circumnavigate? Eric and Christy Grab on N43 Kosmos, and Tom, Kim and 13-year-old Emily Lawler on N46 Emily Grace have completed their circumnavigations. Their travels are extensively detailed. You can follow along as Dr. James and Claire Ellingford meticulously plan a circumnavigation on N62 PENDANA with three cats and a dog. James’ robust web site includes a departure count-down clock: 35 days, 28 hours, 11, minutes, 12 seconds at last check. (Ed. Note: look for a profile on the Ellingfords and their impending circumnavigation coming to nordhavn.com soon.)


It’s been a long winter for most of us. Do something about that cabin fever by curling up with your laptop and checking out www.nordhavn.com/c`ity/blogs. Before you know it you’ll be well on your way to extraordinary cruising adventures. If you have a Nordhavn travel blog which isn’t currently posted on our site, and you would like it to be, contact ourwebmaster Doug Harlow at doug.harlow@nordhavn.com.