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November 18, 2009

“The Great Siberian Sushi Run”: a book by Ken Williams

“The Great Siberian Sushi Run”: a book by Ken Williams
If you are one of the legions of Nordhavn fans who followed the adventures of the trio of Nordhavns that comprised the Great Siberian Sushi Run (GSSR), then you will surely enjoy the new book written by Ken Williams, architect of the journey. Aptly titled “The Great Siberian Sushi Run”, the book summarizes the daring trip which took the three boats from Seattle to Japan by way of the Bering Sea. The page-turner includes the best of Ken’s blogs, which he kept nearly daily while underway, as well as some of the more interesting e-mails he received from the GSSR armchair crew. Gorgeous – and sometimes astounding – photography adds a perfect complement to the fascinating read.

Since leaving Japan at the culmination of the trip earlier this fall, Ken and wife, Roberta, have been home attending to the various responsibilities of day-to-day life, yet boating seemingly remains a constant. Last month Ken gave a presentation on the GSSR to his peers at the Nordhavn Southwest Rendezvous. Currently the couple is researching plans for their 2010 trip. Hopes are to cruise South Korea and the Okinawa Islands, but extensive paperwork and expense associated with cruising with dog, Shelby, may alter plans. To keep up with the development of the Williams’ 2010 adventure on board their Nordhavn 68 Sans Souci, you can follow Ken’s blog at http://www.kensOtherBlog.com.

“The Great Siberian Sushi Run” is Ken’s third book based on personal experience. Prior to this he wrote the “Crossing An Ocean Under Power” series based on his own travels. Each of Ken’s books is available in paperback from lulu.com or you can purchase off Amazon.com in the coming weeks. Alternatively, you can check out the .pdf version of “The Great Siberian Sushi Run” via download from http://www.tinyurl.com/GSSRbook  for just $4.95.