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May 22, 2019


Do you remember the article I wrote called “Humble Pie”? https://www.nordhavn.com/news/headlines/humble_pie/
It was an article celebrating the fantastic cruising successes of the “Senior Citizens” Bob and Kathy Valleau. At the time of that writing in August of 2017, Bob and Kathy were in Iceland aboard their Nordhavn 68 VESPER… on their way to Europe.  Bob was 73 at the time.
Time and distance have marched on. The Valleaus and their trusty VESPER have traveled several thousand more miles AND (drum roll)….. Bob turns 75 today!! Happy Birthday to a wonderful man who is showing all of us how to live life to the fullest. Thank you Bob.. we are SO proud of you!
This wonderful message from Kathy says it all:

Greetings to you all from Genoa
We are so grateful for VESPER and everyone at NH/PAE etc. for helping to make this all possible in one way or another!

This has been such a grand experience, not easy, but not hard, and worth every strained muscle! Oh, the things we have seen!

Our next goal is Malta and after that.. Israel - all as God wills, of course.

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