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December 10, 2011

Attention Nordhavn Holiday Shoppers!

By Jeff Merrill

There is probably nothing more appropriate than finding the keys to a brand new Nordhavn packaged in festive wrapping paper and presented as a gift for the holidays. Forget all of those silly car commercials with their big red bows – get serious and give the gift of a lifestyle. It’s the gift of a lifetime!

For you last minute shoppers PAE has several wonderful solutions for you to consider, here’s a quick rundown by geographic location of boats right near each of our locations worldwide…


There is a nice stable of used boats available including: 40 Orplid, 40 Open Time, 46 Frog Kiss, 47 Albatross, 55 Shogun, 57 Beyond Capricorn, 76 L’Adagio and 76 Silvia M. And in the UK we have a lovely brand new 56’ Motorsailer available for a quick getaway, just dust off the snow on the deck. You can reach the office by e-mail at europesales@nordhavn.com or contact our European brokers, Neil Russell and Philip Roach, directly for more details:

Neil: neil.russell@nordhavn.com
Philip: philip.roach@nordhavn.com


Down Under:

It’s summer in Oz and and in addition to the 43 Venture, we have a pristine Nordhavn57 brokerage boat named Cobalt Blue. There’s a number of new models our Australian staff can show you. Please contact Peter Devers, David Flynn or Don Lees for more information:

Peter: peter@nordhavn.com.au
David: david@nordhavn.com.au
Don: don@nordhavn.com.au



The brand new 75 EYF is based at our yard in Xiamen. Contact project manager Dave Harlow for more details:




There are several brokerage listings to choose from including: 43 Nola Girl, 47 Winkin’, 47 Acqua Dolce and the 50 Ocean Bear. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but I’m going to highlight the Nordhavn 40 Commander. Contact Dave Balfour or Ben Sprague, our knowledgeable guys in Rhode Island, for more details.



Again, a lot to choose from – the 35 Searcher, 43 Mysterry, 46 Poco a Poco, 46 Satchmo, 47 Tumbili, 57 Total Return and 64 Shearwater, but PAE just took a Nordhavn 50 in on trade so this is probably the one Santa Dan would want me to push, the immaculate Grey Goose. Specs are in the works. Contact our sales team, Andy Hegley, Ted Robie and Ray Danet, in the southeast for more details:

Andy: andy.hegley@nordhavn.com
Ted: ted.robie@nordhavn.com
Ray: ray@nordhavn.com



I guess I have a special preference for my pals up in the PNW so amongst all of the listings including 35 Arctic Tern, 40 Endless Safari, 43 Posada, 56 Nordsail One, and 76 Inside Passage III, I’ve got two great selections that Barbara Lippert and Don Kohlmann can help you with.

Don: don.kohlmann@nordhavn.com
Barbara: barbara.lippert@nordhavn.com



Here at our Southern California office we’ve got several great offerings in the brokerage side of things – the 43 Rogue Manor, 43 Helen B, 46 Navigator, 55 Honu Kai, 55 Moana Kuewa, 55 Phoenix, 55 Anam Cara and 62 Saumlaki. We also have been paying a lot of attention to our trade-in Motorsailer 56 – ready to go sailing right now!

The sales staff in Dana Point is Larry Gieselman, Paul Hutton, Gerry Edwards, James Leishman, Eric Leishman and Jeff Merrill. Here’s how to contact them:


For details on all these brokerage boats – as well as ones not listed here – please visit our brokerage section.

If you need to wait for your bonus check to clear before you can chase after one of the above then I suggest you look at the 2012 Nordhavn calendar – a compilation of stunning photos to remind you each month where you should be.

Go to the Nordhavn store to order the calendar, hats, jackets, shirts, etc. Do your shopping now to get your shipment in time.


For the readers on your gift giving list I have two recently published Nordhavn books to consider.

Life is a Cruise

Life is a Cruise by Larry Rick – the log of Done Dreamin’ about the exploits of this rugged Nordhavn 40’s tour of the Pacific. Reviewed here: Life is a Cruise review and available here: Lulu.com Life is a Cruise

The Unexpected Circumnavigation – Part two from Australia to Oman by Christi Grab. Review forthcoming, but while you are filling up your shopping cart you might as well order book one as well.

(Note – A special offer from Lulu.com expires on December 14th – leave this article and click below. To order: http://kosmos.liveflux.net/blog/our-books/)


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