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Friday, December 16, 2016

Home for the holidays

Carol and Steve Argosy are known for their world travels. In 2009, they departed Seattle on board their Nordhavn 62 as part of the trio of boats that made up the Great Siberian Sushi Run. They traveled all over the world, even stopping in to see the folks at the Ta Shing factory in Taiwan which built their boat 20 years ago.

After about 50,000 nm and 12 years, the Argosys and Seabird returned to their home state of Connecticut earlier this year where they reacquainted themselves and caught up with old friends. “With all our cruising throughout the world, we still feel that New England waters are the very best!” said Steve.

Alas, what aren’t the best are New England winters so the couple will spend the holidays at their residence in Florida. Still, for the Argosys, home is where their boat is. So they are gearing up for more travels in 2017: north to Nova Scotia and beyond…


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