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December 10, 2012

Judge this book by its cover
By Jeff Merrill

Judge this book by its coverThey say a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially a picture of a Nordhavn 62. But when you put a picture of a Nordhavn 62 on the cover of a book, well, you get the idea - we’re talking a hefty word count. And lucky for us at Nordhavn, the iconic and much desired (particularly given its impending production stoppage) 62 encases the pages of a terrific new adventure novel. Considering the history of the Nordhavn 62 and all the far-off explorations this model has taken on, she is certainly an ideal action-adventure book cover girl.

Several months ago I received an unusual email request from the editor at Admiral House Publishing; she wanted to know if they could use a photo of the Nordhavn 62 Bonne Vie for the cover of a book. Cool! Why not? I contacted the owners of the boat and asked for their permission. Naturally they agreed and a couple of advance copies of the book were provided for us all to read.

The author, Wes DeMott, was someone whom I was not familiar with, but I dove right in. Wes is a boater, and when he writes about boats, you can tell he’s spent time on the water. More than that, he’s a trawler man who wanted to have a “grabber” on the cover – not only to pull readers in but to reflect the image he had in his head of the fictional Wasafiri from the book. As I started reading the pages I was hooked, his main character, Taz Keaton, is right up my fiction reading alley - a great “man of action” and Taz becomes familiar to the reader as a thinking man’s blend of Dirk Pitt, Jack Reacher and Travis McGee with the added ammunition that Taz is a billionaire so it makes him even more resourceful. The back story in Tortuga Gold involves the legendary pirate Blackbeard and buried treasure…I won’t tell you how it ends, but it’s a fantastic read that I’m sure you will enjoy.

The added bonus of purchasing Tortuga Gold, of course, is that you get to bring a Nordhavn 62 into your very own reading library. This is one book that you can safely judge by its cover!

You can order Tortuga Gold from Amazon as a paperback or for your Kindle. I’m sure this would be a great gift for you or for someone else who has the Nordhavn bug. Please let me know how you like it. After the cover, the best part is that this is the first book in a new series -the Mayday Salvage and Rescue Adventure series; the second book, Tequila Boom Boom has recently been released. Hopefully, I have turned you on to a new favorite author.

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