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September 12, 2011

From landlubbers to liveaboards:
Life at sea, the first year

It’s been a year since Rick and Debbie Heiniger left the comforts of solid ground and embarked on a life at sea in their brand new Nordhavn 76 Eliana. Much has been written about the couple (just type Heiniger in the search bar on our website), mainly about the incredible vessel Eliana turned out to be, but also about what remarkable people the Heinigers are and their bold decision to abandon their home and roots in the mid-west to join the ranks of liveaboards and world cruisers – which was made all the more daring at the time by their status as non-boaters.

After just over 12 months at it, do they regret their decision? Has the adventure lost its luster? Rick, who keeps a fabulous blog, reflects about how their new life has been, the surprises that have occurred, expectations that were met,they and the challenges they faced and overcame. It’s fantastic insight for anyone craving a glimpse into life on year after the initial excitement of taking off in your new boat has (or perhaps has not) faded. To read Rick’s interpretation, click here.

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