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Should We Laugh or Cry?

March 3, 2009

By Dan Streech

Ed. Note – this piece was written on Monday, March 2, 2009

As I write this, the DOW has dipped below 7,000 and the markets in Asia and Europe continued to fall on Monday. But I swear I will devote only the one sentence above to the economy. We all know about it and get our daily (over) doses of the miserable news from the TV, radio, newspapers and the group around the water cooler...Oh, wait; most companies don’t have the water cooler any longer...We laugh at PAE about the water cooler.  We have been through four or five economic downturns over the last 30 years and the water cooler is always the symbolic “first thing” to go.  For the last eight years, we have had an electric water dispenser which issued forth chilled water or hot water. In eight years, I never saw anybody use the hot water dispenser.  Goodbye.  Frankly, I always despised that machine and what it represented. Some good results will come from this crisis.

I digress...

This WH (What’s Happening) posting will concentrate on several pieces of good news.

  • The first Nordhavn 75 Expedition Yachtfisher arrived in Dana Point last Thursday evening.  We are indescribably euphoric over this magnificent vessel. She is gorgeous and exceeds our expectations in every way. Simply said, the N75 EYF is a game changer.  If you can visit us in Dana Point in the next three weeks, please do it – we will roll out the red carpet and show you a boat that will shock you. If you still have any money left in your tortured portfolio, use it to purchase an EYF. You won’t be sorry.

The second N75 EYF will arrive in Florida on the 7th of March. Ditto the above paragraph for those living on the US East coast, South America or Europe.

  • Another piece of good news relates to the sailing performance of the MS56. We had our second sea trial of hull #1 over the weekend.  With engine off and propeller feathered, she attained 8.5 knots while beam reaching in a fresh breeze.  I can already imagine a glorious passage to Hawaii from Dana Point doing 200-mile days under sail alone in the wonderful steady trade winds.

  • Finally, a simple photo which speaks a thousand words. With the finishing touches being put on our new factory in China, the Nordhavn flag was raised for the first time last week. The flag raising ceremony raised our spirits and is symbolic of our commitment to the future which we know is bright.

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