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July 1, 2015

Ta Shing launches new Nordhavn 68#30 with great pride and care

By Dan Streech

As most Nordhavn aficionados know, Nordhavns are built in Asia at our two partner factories; Ta Shing Yacht Building Company located in Tainan, Taiwan and South Coast Marine located in Xiamen, China.

Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE)/Nordhavn's relationship with Ta Shing Yacht Building Company began in 1977 with our first commercial project, the venerable Mason 43 cruising sailboat. Ta Shing's founder Mr. CM Juan accepted our sailboat project and a relationship was formed which has lasted 38 years through thick and thin and will hopefully last another 38 years. CM Juan passed away some years ago and the leadership of Ta Shing was taken over by his son Mr. Tim Juan.

Tim is U.S.-educated and was working at a high level in the corporate world when duty called and he returned to his roots and took over the President's position at Ta Shing Yacht Building Company. Tim's friendly personality, natural charm and a passion for customer service and lasting relationships have formed the core values and culture at Ta Shing.

Anyone who visits the Ta Shing factory and especially those who buy a Ta Shing built boat will experience the superb hospitality afforded by Tim and the friendly staff. Whether it be Tim himself, office staff, project managers, engineers or factory floor workers, all visitors and customers receive friendly smiles and feel a sense of appreciation as they roam the factory grounds. It is common for the customer-Ta Shing relationship to continue even after the boat has shipped from the factory and in several cases, lifelong friendships have developed.

In recent years, the Ta Shing staff have recorded the launching of a finished boat on video so that the owner has a fun record of that important day. This link is a video showing the recent launching of Nordhavn 68 #30 and was made for the owners, Kathy and Bob Valleau. It won't win any Oscars, but it will win every award that measures enthusiasm, sincerity and appreciation.

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