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By Joe Nadeau

It had been 3 months since Barry Kallander first set his eyes on his brand new Nordhavn 40/II and now that the boat had completed the commissioning phase and various sea trials, Barry was ready to christen Commander and take her on her maiden voyage from Newport, RI to Nantucket island. A Memorial Day weekend cruise was deemed an appropriate one by this former Navy recruit to introduce the boat to the open waters of the Atlantic – as well as to his family.

Before breaking a champagne bottle across the nose of the boat, the entire family took time to remember the sailors and the vessels who had lost their lives to the sea, then prayed for the safety of Commander and all who travel onboard her. Typical Nordhavn christenings are more about the food and the fanfare, but Barry felt it important that Commander’s baptism be a more serious ritual. “A christening is proper maritime tradition,” said Barry. “But also, I wanted to get the family indoctrinated in the process of this boat and just get them as excited about it as I am.”


Joining Barry in the festivities was his wife, Carol, and his kids, Brendan and Lindsay, some family friends and staff from Nordhavn’s Newport office. The whole group threw back some sparkling grape juice and got ready to untie lines.

As though the weather gods were stirred by the Kallanders’ words, the grey, threatening clouds broke up and by the time Commander was ready to shove off, sun and blue sky prevailed. Calm seas awaited the crew, which set sail Friday morning for the 9-hour trip to Nantucket. Up until this point, the boat had stayed mainly around the confines of Newport Harbor, but Barry was anxious to get some more hours on board her.

Former sailors, Carol was somewhat hesitant about being at sea for 65 nautical miles. The Kallanders’ last boat was a 42-foot Catalina and Carol wasn’t a fan of making long arduous passages. It was too much like work for her to be considered fun, Barry said.

After spending 3 glorious days on Nantucket, the crew pushed off early Monday morning. Even when the southwesterly winds picked up and the seas grew to 3-5 foot swells, no body complained. Three hours later, Carol emerged in her pajamas, well rested and in disbelief how comfortable she was. “She could have never done this in our sailboat!” Barry remarked.

Joe Nadeau is a salesman in our Northeast office. He can be reached at






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