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November 19, 2009

Mark your Nordhavn calendar!

“The Great Siberian Sushi Run”: a book by Ken Williams
Pacific Asian Enterprises (P.A.E.) is pleased to announce the 2010 Nordhavn calendar, Nordhavns Around The World.  Not surprisingly, our third edition calendar features N46 Egret and N57 Bagan, which have amassed huge audiences via their compelling journeys. These famed boats are displayed in high-tech color alongside ten other amazing Nordhavns. We’re excited by the gamut of backdrops illustrated within the pages: exotic, urban, tropical, frigid, close-to-home and far-from-everything. Yet, a single commonality exists amongst the photos; it’s as if each one is saying: “Wish you were here!”

Like the calendar itself, producing such a great product is a year in the making. Starting today, we will begin accepting travel photos of Nordhavns in interesting locations for consideration in next year’s edition. Please e-mail your high resolution photos with a caption of the boat name, location, boat owners' names and photographer's name to amy@nordhavn.com.
Each year we receive a number of great candidates that don’t get included because there’s simply not enough months to fill. An unused photo is a contender for any edition, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see yours this time around. We truly appreciate your efforts and sincerely thank all of those customers who took the time to submit their shots.  Please check them out in our website photo gallery.
If you are interested in purchasing Nordhavns Around The World or any other Nordhavn merchandise, please visit our online store.

We are really proud of the 2010 Nordhavn calendar hope that it will be a “must have” on your holiday wish list!