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October 21, 2010

Latest Images of the N120

N120 project manager Trever Smith wasn’t kidding when he commented a while back that one of the most impressive things about the new 120 was her overall size. To give you an idea, we snapped these pictures over the weekend while Trever and Chief Engineer Phil Arnold are visiting the South Coast Factory in China where the 120 is being built. In picture one, you can see a small boat being worked on - just beyond the hull of the 120. That “small” boat is actually the Nordhavn 86, a massive boat in her own right.

In the second image, we captured Trever displaying some serious surfing form…from inside the 120’s bulb. It’s hard to believe the boat’s bulb clears 6 feet!


And if you look close enough in the third shot, you’ll see Phil in the tank walkway between where the port and starboard fuel tanks will be situated. A guy could get lost in there if he’s not careful!

The N120 is still a way’s away from completion, but we can’t wait to see her finished. Just think, work only recently started on the heart of the boat yet she already knocks our socks off. You can imagine how impressive she’ll be as a stunningly gleaming, intricately detailed, brawny, fully-commissioned modern passagemaker.


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