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December 1, 2010

Our Next Adventure
The new face of nordhavn.com

In 1997, Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. launched its first website. Back then, websites were more or less a new thing and yours truly hunt-and-pecked her way through a Microsoft FrontPage program to produce a less-than-stellar specimen. It contained basic info, some photos and the all important e-mail address where people could inquire about the four-boat (Ha! Can you imagine?!) Nordhavn product line.

A couple of years later, we hired an advertising agency which molded a far more in-depth website for us. More photos, more pages and more options for the visitor to learn everything they could about Nordhavn. It was the launching pad for today’s website which we took back in-house in 2004. We went to the next level offering interactive and innovative sections such as Boat Kid Chatter, Voyage of Egret, and the Distant Pennant program. Our webmaster ,Doug Harlow of Harlow Media Arts, works tirelessly keeping up with all the updates being thrown at him, not to mention ensures that the reader is kept up to speed with all these changes by providing a nifty “latest site update” feature on the homepage and opt-in e-mail alerts for brokerage updates. The entire package is the reason we have been hailed time and time again – by industry insiders as well as our loyal visitors – for having one of the greatest boating websites published today.

But today, that all changes…well, not completely. Seriously, why mess with a good thing, right? It’s just that there’s one detail that’s been lacking with Nordhavn.com, and that’s a fresh look. We’ve maintained the same style and feel of our site for the past 10 years so we’re giving it a facelift: new streamlined navigation, larger photos, and an overall cleaner appearance. We’re also adding a few super cool new features that we’re sure boating aficionados of all levels will appreciate. Our new monthly column called Tech Talk, authored by our very own technical guru, Mike Telleria, will focus on a particular mechanical issue that’s typically the root of head scratching for boaters everywhere. In the inaugural column, Mike tackles batteries – how to make sure you’ve always got plenty of “juice” and ways to maximize their life. Got a technical issue that’s always stumped you? Feel free to send in your topic request to Mike.

Of course, with facelifts of any kind, the work is always extensive, the acclimation process sometimes difficult and usually there is much follow-up tweaking needed. But in the end, you’re left with a vastly improved product. We hope you’ll feel the same with the new Nordhavn.com and would love to know what you think. (NOTE: some of the older pages are taking longer to convert over so please reserve comment on those sections until we’ve had a few days to fine-tune!) Happy cruising!


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