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June 12, 2015


Non-flybridge models available

When first launched more than 25 years ago, Nordhavns became synonymous with the North Sea trawler style: aft wheelhouse, no flybridge, and designed for robustness. The rugged, commercial fishing boat look appealed to many, and as a result, a cult following developed and has stayed with the brand decades later. The look of today’s Nordhavns have a decided modern feel, most models employing a flybridge for more outdoor living. But true trawler aficionados feel the designs’ flybridge detracts from the salty look that Nordhavns were founded on. Recently, a Nordhavn 63 owner, who wanted to replicate his own non-flybridge (NFB) model in a larger boat, requested an aft pilothouse N68 with the flybridge removed. Based on this request, Nordhavn’s Chief of Design Jeff Leishman came up with a drawing, and the result was impressive. “The NFB model is a simple variant of the Aft Pilothouse Nordhavn but with wonderful, dramatic results,” notes PAE President Dan Streech.

A few basic tweaks were made to the area over the pilothouse and brow, including shortening of the stack. The upshot is less windage and better stability that comes with less weight aloft, plus a striking battleship profile that will please the saltiest of yachties and prove ideal for anyone cruising the high latitudes. It should come as no surprise that the team at Pacific Asian Enterprises is wholly keen on the new design as it harkens back to the iconic Nordhavn 62. “We’re madly in love with this boat,” said Streech. “It’s gorgeous.”

For more of Streech’s comments on the NFB Nordhavn 68 (which can also be applied to the Nordhavn 64, 68, 72 and 76 models) please watch the video below

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