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So what is Nordhavn nation? It’s the collective legion of Nordhavn fans and loyalists who can quote stats about our product line by heart, have blog sites of Nordhavn owners bookmarked on their favorites toolbar and know the second a new boat design hits the drawing board. They religiously follow the likes of Scott and Mary Flanders who spent 8 years traveling around the world in their Nordhavn 46 Egret. They discuss – in full force – various Nordhavn design variations on a myriad of cruising chat sites. They visit Nordhavns at boat shows around the globe, often uttering the phrase, “nicest boat in the show.” And they display their affection for Nordhavns proudly with t-shirts, calendars and screen savers. Some even own – or at one time owned – a Nordhavn.

In short, they have perpetuated what is known as the Nordhavn culture. What was once- 25 years ago- a small underground faction that was chastised for championing an “odd-looking” power boat, has grown into a proud, enthusiastic, intellectual, global entity. And they are the envy of every boat manufacturer.

Now we’ve made it even easier to become a member of Nordhavn nation. We’re introducing a new tab to our toolbar, Nordhavn nation, which includes quick links to all the important features that graduate the casual Nordhavn observer to full-fledged Nordhavn fanatic. E-newsletter sign-ups, news alerts, the latest videos, magazine articles about Nordhavn, where to get Nordhavn swag, and so much more – all at the click of a button.

If you already consider yourself a Nordhavn nationalist, we’d like to thank you for your unending support. If you want to get your own passport to Nordhavn, simply click here or on any of the links at the left to get started, and welcome to our nation!