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Nordhavn Takes On Europe

Nordhavn 40/II

Since the early 1990s numerous Nordhavns have been seen cruising in the Mediterranean and the continent of Europe, but PAE has never officially displayed a Nordhavn in a continental boat show.

Until now, that is. Currently on display at the massive Düsseldorf Boat Show is Nordhavn 40 hull #52. Taking place in the middle of winter in the heart of Germany, the Düsseldorf show is entirely indoors unlike most shows where Nordhavns are displayed.

Just before Christmas, European service manager Russell Payne and salesman Philip Roach moved the plucky Nordhavn on her own bottom from Southampton, England to the show site. The passage from Southampton to the mouth of the Rhine River took 38 hours; the trip up the river to Düsseldorf took another 2 days. Once in Düsseldorf, the clever Germans lifted the boat in a modified travel-lift designed to climb up the bank of the river, loaded it onto a truck, transported it to the show site where - with the assistance of 3 cranes - they placed it in its assigned spot.

Nordhavn 40/II

The first weekend of the show provided much fanfare with Germans and other Europeans flocking to the Nordhavn exhibit. Although the smallest boat in our fleet, the N40 looked mighty impressive up on the newly custom-built platform. And she was met with awe-inspired looks by those who came to see her - even from those familiar with Nordhavns: some old friends, some long-interested prospects. Show attendees who have never seen a Nordhavn were truly amazed. For the most part, this is their first time viewing any passagemaker of this kind.

For those being introduced to Nordhavn, this Dusseldorf Show is a perfect one for them to get acquainted. We have more knowledgeable staff representing the company at this show more than any other European venue in the past. European sales manager Neil Russell along with Philip Roach are on duty at our stand and are being helped out during the first half of the show by PAE President Dan Streech and his wife Marcia. Taking the second half will be PAE Vice-President Jim Leishman and his wife Sue.

We invite you to stop by to discuss our company, our boats, and the passagemaking lifestyle. The Nordhavn exhibit is located in building #15, space #B41. Show hours are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM January 21-29. For more information, see the Dusseldorf Show site.