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January 6, 2017

Tom Clancy makes Nordhavn
reference in latest novel

Inside the pages of bestselling author Tom Clancy’s 24th novel, released just a few weeks ago, a 75-foot Nordhavn provides the backdrop for a training mission being conducted by main character Jack Ryan. Chapter Three of True Faith and Allegiance opens up with the Nordhavn reference: “…Jack bobbed in the water at the sea stairs at the stern of the Hail Caesar, a seventy-five-foot Nordhavn yacht owned by a friend…”

We put a message in to Clancy’s camp to find out why author and Clancy collaborator, Matt Greaney, chose to write the boat as a Nordhavn. The request was not immediately responded to. We can only surmise that the author would want a boat as tough and unrivaled as Jack Ryan.          

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