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Ocean Institute plays key role in Nordhavn 96 commissioning

January 2, 2017

While most of you have been enjoying the past two weeks celebrating the holidays with friends and family, undoubtedly taking a well-deserved break from work and other day-to-day obligations, the tech team at Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc. (PAE) spent the time tirelessly working to complete commissioning of our latest triumph, the Nordhavn 96 Lacey Kay. It was imperative that we have the gorgeous yacht finished before the New Year in order to deliver her to her new owners.

Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of our staff, but there was another key factor in the accomplishment of readying Lacey Kay for delivery: the dock where she was berthed during the commissioning process.

Seems like an insignificant detail, however the docks at our Dana Point facility are a busy place these days filled with boats being serviced, brokerage boat undergoing survey and other new boats being commissioned. And with the massive size of the Nordhavn 96, finding a spot that provided adequate room to work on her was proving difficult. There are slips in nearby yards and marinas that are options, but the commute was less than convenient – especially given the time crunch we were under. Cue our hero: the Ocean Institute, who graciously offered up 100 feet of space on their working dock.

They have been wonderful and patient hosts as the very busy and expedited commissioning schedule has involved dozens of workers and technicians, many deliveries and an endless stream of boxes and equipment. We know there is no way we would have met our tight deadline had we not been able to work within the Ocean Institute’s stone’s throw distance.
This post is to offer our HUGE thank you to the Ocean Institute and specifically President and CEO Dori Morehead and Maritime Director Dan Goldbacher for saying “yes” to our request and for their cheerful and welcoming attitude and to bring attention to this great organization. 
The Ocean Institute is one of the cherished jewels of Dana Point and is supported and beloved by the entire local community including PAE/Nordhavn. For nearly 40 years now, this wonderful organization has been educating students and adults alike to help them gain knowledge and respect for our fragile oceans and marine environment. Thousands of students have attended the programs at the Institute and I am sure that many lives have been changed as a result. 
Take a look at the Ocean Institute’s website for more detail on who they are and what they do.  If you are planning a trip to Southern California, make time for a visit to the Ocean institute. You won’t regret it.          


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