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December 23, 2010

PAE sales staff dedicated to Nordhavns as well as their trade

By Barbara Lippert

It goes without saying that our team of 18 sales consultants work hard to know the ins and outs of our Nordhavns. After all, it’s part of their job to ensure that every new owner of a Nordhavn – whether new or used – is fully trained on the systems and operational procedures of their boat upon delivery.

But what about the inner workings of being a broker? Most yacht shoppers probably don’t realize the importance and value of having a broker that knows the rules of their trade. With so many tax laws, disclosure rules and potential conflicts of interest that exist, a buyer needs to be armed with a fully-informed representative.

Amongst PAE’s top-notch, fully-licensed group, two of our brokers stand out as leaders in their industry, being actively involved in their respected Yacht Brokers Associations.

Their efforts and contribution to the national association of professional yacht brokers establish, promote and enforce high standards of professional competence and ethical conduct. This commitment to excellence is in line with PAE’s philosophy of excellence.

Ted Robie of Nordhavn Yachts Southeast in Stuart, FL and Barbara Lippert from the Nordhavn Northwest office in Seattle, WA, participated in the 2010 International Conference of Professional Yacht Brokers in Palm Beach Gardens, FL last month.

Robie, CPYB, is a member of the Florida Yacht Broker’s Association Ethics Committee sub-committee and was a member of the panel discussion “Why Broker Ethics Matter” at the conference discussing issues of ethics to the 150+ attendees at the meeting. Promoting ethics and maintaining a high standard of conduct in the transacting of yacht brokerage business that includes addressing client issues and services.

Lippert, CPYB, is part president and currently sits on the Board of Directors for Northwest Yacht Brokers Association; Co-chairs their Ethics Committee and is one of the three representatives from NYBA that contribute to the Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) national program that recognizes qualified yacht sales professionals meet the industry’s highest standards.

The conference participants and sponsors are composed of members of the five national associations including Canada. A major member and sponsor was ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council), whose members has been developing and updating the safety standards for boat building and repair for over 50 years.

Collectively, these associations are dedicated to serving our clients: protecting the public against fraud, misrepresentation, or unethical practices as yacht brokerage professionals.

“PAE has subscribed to this philosophy of doing business and is proud to have two members of our elite sales personnel on the forefront of contributing to these standards on an international level,” said PAE President Dan Streech.

Barbara Lippert is a sales representative at our Northwest office in Seattle, Washington. She can be reached via e-mail at barbara.lippert@nordhavn.com or in the office at 206-223-3264.



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