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January 20, 2017

The perfect boat awaits…

How do you put together the perfect boat? Nordhavn’s Chief of Design, Jeff Leishman, has done the hard work with his designs, but for the buyer, the question looms when masterminding the order. Putting together the perfect boat, of course, depends on the individual buying it. So how do you know what’s perfect?

We, at Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) like to think we know what makes up the perfect boat. And we’ve had the chance to validate ourselves with a stock Nordhavn 76. Nearly all Nordhavns are sold before production begins, but from time to time we will start and build a boat without a buyer attached to it, which is what’s happening with N76 hull #24.

There are many decisions that need to be made when ordering a new Nordhavn. To develop the order for N76#24, we gathered together the sales and production teams and poured over the drawings and features of more than 20 different N76s as well as other Nordhavn models. We came up with a package that represents the best proven design ideas, the best sea boat, the most popular, the most beautiful, the most sensible, the best colors, the best decor, the best resale potential and the best overall value. In other words, the PERFECT boat.

N7624 has been on the production line for 12 months now and is due for factory completion in September of this year. She is being offered as a "package" meaning one price for a complete boat which includes electronics, shore boat, life rafts, water maker, ground tackle and much much more.

We can hand you the keys to this gorgeous brand new Nordhavn 76 before the end of 2017. Just choose where you’d like to take delivery of your new yacht.

We’ve done the heavy lifting, so all you need to do is lift up your phone and call your Nordhavn salesman (or email us at info@nordhavn.com).       

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