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November 17, 2014

N63 owner gets 15 minutes of fame, wins Nordhavn TV challenge

By Becky Peters

What if you held a contest and no one entered?  What if you were offering awesome cash prizes and unique bragging rights and still no one entered?   We wondered if that was going to be the case with our 2014 Nordhavn TV Challenge.  

In February of 2014, after years of watching cameras pan out to boats in the background of golf tournaments, baseball games, and auto racing on TV, and tuning into reality shows that featured yachts for romantic getaways, we thought it would be fun to see a Nordhavn get into the mix. We wanted to encourage our owners so we submitted a challenge to them and offered generous cash prizes:

$100 – pan shot of your boat
$250 –
close-up of your boat
$500 –
an announcer commenting on your boat
$1000 –
announcer mentioning that it is a Nordhavn
$500 Bonus –
first on TV

With great excitement we sat back and waited to hear about the scramble to be the first Nordhavn on TV.  Last year, the elegant N76 Sylvia M was featured in a pan shot during the Grand Prix in Monaco last year. Alas, no Nordhavn emerged as a small screen hero. 


We waited, and we waited, and we waited.  PGA tournaments at Hilton Head and Pebble Beach (perfect venues for Nordhavn placement) came and went.  No Nordhavns in the background.  It looked like our contest was going to be a bust.   But then, the San Francisco Giants made it into the MLB postseason and John Zimmerman, owner of beautiful N63 True Blue was in the right place at the right time.  

An avid Giants fan who wanted to join in on the fun at McCovey Cove outside AT&T Park, John positioned True Blue amongst the many boats for Game 4 of the World Series between the Giants and the Kansas City Royals.  The energy was high with lots of revelry and True Blue proving to be the life of the party, surrounded by boaters stopping to say hello and perhaps gain a closer look.  As the game progressed, the vessels took their cue with each Giant run scored and blew their horns in accordance with the number on the scoreboard. True Blue has an upgraded horn and each blast made a statement, so much so that John offered a few pre-game bellows and the stadium crowd roared their approval. 

Cameramen from local NBC affiliate KCRA Channel 3 puttered around the cove shooting footage of the scene from a small launch. As John and his guests  watched the game from True Blue’s lush saloon, a familiar sight struck John causing him to do a double-take. A close-up of True Blue suddenly filled the screen. John got on the phone with his friend and Nordhavn salesman, James Leishman, who let him know that he was a winner of the Nordhavn TV Challenge!

As a result, John Zimmerman and True Blue qualified for First On TV, Close-Up Shot, and Announcer Commenting on the Boat, racking up $1,250 in prize earnings!  “Winning the contest was icing on the cake,” said John Zimmerman.  “While we could not see the game other than what we saw on TV, we felt like we were there in the stands as you could hear and feel the high energy of the fans when the Giants did well.  It was pretty exciting for all of us on True Blue. 

The contest continues until the end of 2014, and all categories are still available except First on TV!  Congratulations to John Zimmerman and N63 True Blue!

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