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Nordhavn Photos Wanted!

The premiere of our calendar, Nordhavns Around the World 2008, was such a huge success that we have decided to make it an annual publication – and, in fact, we are already gearing up for the 2009 edition! This year’s version will be the same gorgeous, glossy, full-color calendar showcasing Nordhavns in some of the most spectacular and remote places on the globe.

But we cannot create this calendar without help from all of you. All Nordhavn owners and customers – past and present – are encouraged to submit photos of their boats or their friends’ or families’ boats (or maybe complete strangers’ boats you happened to snap!) in beautiful locations for consideration in this next edition. Please email your high resolution photos with a caption of the boat name and location to amy@nordhavn.com.

Unfortunately, time is of the essence and we will need your photos submitted no later than July 18th.

We are extremely excited for the 2009 edition and hope to continue the Nordhavn calendar tradition for years to come!

(Note: all photos submitted will be considered property of P.A.E. for publishing purposes.)

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