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August 10, 2013

Phuket, Thailand Another corner of the world you can find Nordhavns

By Jeff Merrill

After spending a week in Xiamen, China at the South Coast yard with one of my clients who is building a new Nordhavn 60, I flew to Phuket, Thailand to meet with a couple from Europe who are potential Nordhavn owners and we arranged to see the Nordhavn 64 B2 and the Nordhavn 55 Amandla II.

Since I have both of these Nordhavns listed for sale, and it has been awhile since I was aboard either one, this was a convenient travel detour that made for a busy couple of days.  A long distance listing can be successful (I listed and sold a 76 in Phuket last year and did the same with a 46 in Singapore and 62 in New Zealand two years ago), and it certainly helps to get back aboard when you are half a world away to become reacquainted. I returned home with a renewed enthusiasm for both boats, and the lucky buyers who will be able to start their cruising in such a wonderful part of the world.

Phuket, Thailand is no stranger to Nordhavns – many have spent time in this beautiful area.  In fact, a recent long term visit by the Nordhavn 62 Seabird (now in the Med) records lots of details about the areaand major work done in Phuket in their blog Seabird blog.

Last year I was involved in the sale of my Nordhavn 76 listing, Ammonite, which was moored in Phuket so it was great to finally spend some time is this tropical oasis. To me it is a blend of Hawaii and Taiwan, a balmy atmosphere with a mix of old traditions and modern developments. During the stay we had sun and rain squalls with a good breeze (a lot of kite sailors vacation in Phuket). It was hot outside and the airconditioning inside the boats was very refreshing. Both Nordhavns are moored at Yacht Haven, a sizeable marina with a lot of slips and a landside concrete walkway with offices providing myriad services for boaters – brokerage, charter, chandlery, laundry, etc.  Yacht Haven is located along the north east coast and not far from the Phuket International Airport.

The primary focus of this visit was to inspect B2, a lovely Nordhavn 64 that is priced right and had just completed a month long cruise.  B2 may be the most travelled of all of the 64’s, which is saying something since the 64 “fleet” has really seen the world crossing the Atlantic and Pacific numerous times. I am always inspired with how Nordhavn owners take care of their boats – especially one like B2 which has nearly completed a proper circumnavigation and has put on enough miles to have wrapped the globe a couple of times.  Her interior and exterior are gorgeous, and we were impressed with her grandeur - she was presented as if on display in a major boat show. Details on B2 can be viewed here: Nordhavn 64 B2.

Amandla II is an exceptional Nordhavn 55 that has been based in South East Asia since her purchase in Hong Kong a few years ago. The current owner has done some extensive improvements which I had seen in photos and wrote about in the listing, but had not yet appreciated in person: the galley/saloon partition, teak lined utility room with bunk, stainless boat deck cover with solar panels and much, much more.  For more details on Amandla II you can click here: Nordhavn 55 Amandla II.

Timing and coordinating schedules to meet with owners can be challenging, but being an eternal optimist I flew over with some Nordhavn Distance Pennants to award.  Well I went 0 – 2 meeting with owners, but went 2 – 0 with great stand-ins to accept these achievements.

For B2, the number is now 70,000 miles.  She is in between captains, and being looked after by Duncan McGregor, the owner of Eclipse Marine Consultancy based in the Yacht Haven Marina.  Duncan is a very nice gentleman who is plugged in to the source of the boating industry in Phuket.

Amandla II now boasts 30,000 miles and is cared for by Angelique. Angelique is incredibly helpful and friendly.  She speaks fluent English with a soft French accent which made her a lot of fun to talk with.  Angelique spends a lot of time aboard to make sure Amandla II is sparkling and fresh and ready to take off at a moment’s notice.

I’d like to personally congratulate both owners for their active pursuits and for recording their mileage on the Distance Pennant Program.   It was really a treat to be in Phuket and no matter where in the world I am, a Nordhavn always feels like home.

Yacht Haven Marina is a very modern facility, and right down the beach there is a village right on the water. The entire experience in Phuket was very pleasant.  We took cabs to and from the boat, had some magnificent meals and enjoyed several days immersed inspecting two exceptional Nordhavns.   The local people are friendly and always smiling, a contagious attitude that provides the foundation for a warm welcome. I’ve included a couple of “tourist” photos, but really didn’t get to see much on this trip other than Nordhavns (no complaints!). 

If you want to go visit these Nordhavns in person, and truly see for yourself what they look like, please let me know.  I have a feeling I’m going to be back in Phuket soon, I sure hope so!


Jeff Merrill, CPYB, is a Nordhavn salesman who travels the world to be with his clients. Jeff started at Nordhavn in 1999 and has been a strong advocate of the Nordhavn Distance Pennant program, working now to help PAE to push over 5,000,000 recorded miles (he’s recorded over 13,000 miles on Nordhavns himself). Jeff is licensed in CA and FL and a lifelong boater with over 20 years selling cruising sailboats and trawlers.  Jeff is located at our California sales office, but you never know where he will show up next – he goes where the Nordhavns go.


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