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November 25, 2013

The Other Side of the Ice Wins Regional Emmy™

Nordhavn 57 owner and intrepid explorer Sprague Theobald was awarded a regional Emmy™ in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Documentaries - Topical by the Academy of Arts and Sciences on November 9th for his film The Other Side of the Ice

The film follows Theobald and his crew (including son, stepson and stepdaughter) aboard his Nordhavn 57, Bagan, as they transit the Arctic's infamous Northwest Passage. In doing so, he joined only two dozen private watercraft ever to accomplish the challenge, and fulfilled a mission to document the remote area that sits at the center of political and environmental controversy.

In spring 2009, Theobald set off from Newport, RI to research the Northwest Passage which was only previously transited by ice-breaking vessels. But due to climate change and receding ice, it was possible for some pleasure crafts to negotiate the once impenetrable waters. Theobald’s mission was to not only fulfill the failed mission of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition of 1845, but also shed light on the environmental and political impacts a proposed industrialized invasion of the strait would have on the native people and endangered Polar Bears that inhabit the region.

He completed his voyage in November 2009 and has spent the following years documenting his amazing story in a book and documentary (both available on amazon.com). His Nordhavn 57 was equipped with high tech still and video cameras and editing equipment which enabled him and his crew to capture day-to-day life in this virtually uncharted territory. The result: a fascinating – and sometimes disturbing – documentary film. The Other Side of the Ice had its film debut this past summer in New York, Newport, RI and Martha’s Vineyard and was well received amongst critics.

Aside from the heroic efforts of the Northwest Passage expedition, Theobald has spent much of his life on the water, which includes over 40,000 miles of open ocean travel - much of it on Nordhavns. Bagan was Theobald’s third Nordhavn.