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January 25, 2012

The Remarkable Nordhavn 40
Hull #68: All for one

This is the third part of a 3-part series on the revival of the Nordhavn 40.

The Remarkable Nordhavn 40 Hull #68: All for oneThe word versatile seems to be one of those overused, ambiguous terms that companies slap on products in order to ‘special’ them up and seemingly make them more marketable. But when we use the word versatile to describe the Nordhavn 40, we really mean that this boat is resourceful and multitalented. For one couple getting ready to take delivery of their brand new N40, the boat meets a laundry list of requirements they had as they went shopping for their perfect yacht.

The Remarkable Nordhavn 40 Hull #68: All for oneAnd Bernhard and Naree Saiko knew exactly what they were looking for, having spent years owning and cruising boats. In fact Bernhard received his captain’s license before he learned how to drive. All that time spent out on the water gave the couple a strong foundation for what it was they wanted and didn’t want in their new boat.

For one, they wanted a boat that could handle the rough conditions they were experiencing regularly off Australia’s New South Wales south coast where they were doing the majority of their boating - most recently in an outboard Powercat 30. They also wanted a boat that would be roomy enough for the two of them to live on (at least part time for now). Also of utmost importance to them was the galley. Bernhard and Naree both love to cook and they didn’t want to give that up while at sea. “The Nordhavn 40 has a particularly workable galley and is one of the most important features that they like about the boat,” said their salesman Peter Devers out of our Australasia Office in Brisbane.

The Remarkable Nordhavn 40 Hull #68: All for oneOther non-negotiable characteristics they were looking for? A quiet, comfortable ride; a vessel that was spacious yet small enough to fit into many compact marina berths in their area; and one that was economical to operate. “It’s a lot of demands but the N40 meets them all uncompromisingly,” said Devers.

The Remarkable Nordhavn 40 Hull #68: All for oneTo make their N40 an even more practical purchase, Bernhard and Naree chose a very basic layout and opted for solar panels in lieu of the standard 240 V 50 Hz generator.

Hull #68 will be the first new N40 ever delivered to the western hemisphere when it ships from the factory this spring, but it certainly won’t be the lone Nordhavn to roam the waters around the Gold Coast. Australia and New Zealand have become a hotbed in recent years for cruising Nordhavns. And the Saikos have said that they also will stick to local Sydney waters, seizing the chance to get to know their new boat prior to doing any major adventures. Future plans call for exploring the East Coast of Australia, then heading south to Tasmania and back up north as far as Cape York. After that, Bernhard leaves it open with a “who knows?!”

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